Why should I clean my blinds/shades?

Ultrasonic Blind and Shade Cleaning not only improves the appearance of your blinds but also improves the indoor air quality of your home or office environment. It eliminates biological contaminants such as dust mites, bacteria, odors, smoke/nicotine, pollen, pet dander and other germs that cause allergies. Ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective cleaning technique for window treatments available today.

Why Not Clean Them Yourself?

Hand dusting creates static electricity. This attracts dust, dirt and only soils the surface all over again or causes a build-up of allergens. Have you ever rubbed on the blind surface and noticed a thin layer of dust come off after you just cleaned? These small contaminants can be inhaled. Pressure washing and steam cleaning can ruin the blinds' surface. Household cleaners can remove paint or stain the blinds. You can't effectively clean the intricate parts of your blinds like our ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

What is the cost?

The cost is based on size, material, type of blinds (minis, horizontals, verticals, shades, etc.),ceiling height, etc. The service includes us taking down the blinds, inspecting for any faulty parts, ultrasonic cleaning and re-hanging them. We do offer discounts for customers that w.ant to drop at our facality or prefer to take down and hang their own blinds but still have us pick them up and return them. Discounts are also given for large jobs. Quotes are free.

How long will it take do the work?

Turn around times depend on the size of your job and our work load. The average home gets done in about 24 hours.

Where is the cleaning done?

All cleaning is done at our facality. We perfer this over the moblie set-up for a few resons. 1) We have unlimited access to clean water as needed at the shop. Moblie units carry the same dirty water all day or have to dump and fill at your location. 2) Gives us a little more time for exrta cleanig if needed and to ensure they are dry when replaced. 3) You don't have to be home all day while the work is being done.

Can you fix my broken blinds/shades?

More than likely your broken window coverings can be fix for a fraction of the cost of new ones. Most repars are done on-site.

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